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Accreditation Services

Accreditation with CfBT shows that your school demonstrates high standards of student achievement with an effective curriculum, good use of resources, a successful leadership team and strong partnerships with parents.


The CfBT Accreditation mark, demonstrates quality of your education provision to parents, students and others - signifying your commitment to the highest standards.


We have a well-established history of accrediting international schools in Thailand, South East Asia and have now introduced our Accreditation Service to Kenya.


The accreditation process is a journey which your school undertakes, guided by a CfBT Accreditation Consultant. The process requires you to take an in-depth look at all your school’s systems, structures, human and material resources, culture and ethos to ensure that they interact effectively to ensure high standards of education delivery.


You set objectives and plan out how you will achieve them. You set in motion the development of a culture of improvement and excellence involving your staff, parents, students and school community members. Your capacity to plan, to implement, to monitor your progress and to move along a dynamic path of continuous improvement is what leads you to be CfBT accredited.


The Steps to Accreditation

  1. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses. CfBT guides you through a process of school self-evaluation.
  2. Developing strategic and action plans for whole school improvement.
  3. Staff orientation. Teaching and non-teaching staff go through an orientation programme based around your strategic plan.
  4. Orientation for parents and students. It is important the wider community is included in the journey to achieve your strategic objectives.
  5. Implementing your plans. Your school undertakes a process to put in place the improvements which you have identified as priorities and establishes a dynamic cycle of identifying and planning for further improvements.
  6. Accreditation verification. The accreditation consultants verify the improvement processes the school is undertaking.
  7. Accreditation report. A report is made for the Accreditation Board who certify the school has achieved the standards it has set itself.
  8. Award of Accreditation.


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